Team Seal Rows for Iona!!!!!

On 19th April 2014, 6 members of the Seal Personal Training Rowing Squad will be testing their physical and mental limits when they each row a full marathon (42,195m!) to help raise money and awareness for the Brain Tumour charity.

Anna Diamond, Annie Atkins, Joe White, Tim Sherriff and Simon Eade have taken on the gruelling challenge after learning of the story of Annie’s daughter Iona who has been suffering from a brain tumour throughout her childhood.

The 6 athletes are all competent rowers and several of them who train under the guidance of Ali at Seal Personal Training in Solihull already have medals at National Level for competing on the indoor rower which is gaining in popularity as a method of staying fit and strong.

Rowing a marathon takes an enormous amount of preparation as Ali knows only too well after his attempt last year…’Most people are only familiar with running a marathon but to row one requires enormous muscular strength and endurance…no matter that the motion of rowing is different from running, or that you’re seated instead of on your feet, pacing, nutrition and form are still key in both, and the psychological hurdles are comparably significant. Just as you would in road marathons, you’ll experience moments of light and moments of dark. There were times when I felt invincible and times when I wanted to quit. I ate and drank the same things I do while running, and the euphoria at the finish was every bit as intense. There was even a familiar “wall” around mile 18’

Please Sponsor our brave team at our Just Giving page and help raise awareness of Brain Tumour sufferers. There is also a Just Giving page which is now active.


Brain Tumours are the biggest killer of children and those under 40 than any other cancer.

Only 14% of adults diagnosed with a brain tumour will survive beyond 5 years Over £500 million is spent on cancer research in the UK yet less than 2% is given towards research on brain tumours ALL the money raised from the row will go towards research and support so you really are making a difference in peoples lives.

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