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Personal Trainers
Personal Training
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“10st 3lbs to 8st 13lbs in just 10 weeks! Not only did Jodie give me my figure back but she gave me the confidence I hadn’t even realised that I had lost!”

Vivian Ajay Aged 27
Vivian Ajay Aged 27Solihull

“Ali is a professional, motivated and enthusiastic personal trainer who really knows his stuff; I would recommend him to everyone because of the wide variety training programmes that he can tailor to individual needs.”

Georgina Murphy Aged 27
Georgina Murphy Aged 27Solihull

“I am not an athlete …I don’t run marathons …I’m just a normal woman with a busy schedule who wants to take care of herself and invest in my future health. I’m achieving this under the watchful eye and expertise of Jodie. Nowadays I look forward to my sessions in the gym!”

Fiona Lockley Aged 44
Fiona Lockley Aged 44Solihull

“Apart from losing a bit of my midriff… I feel fitter and stronger than I did throughout my 50’s and 60’s! I even won a medal at the English Indoor Rowing Championships this year I only sat on a rower 3 years ago but with Jodie’s careful coaching we’ve found something I’m rather good at!”

Tim Sherriff Aged 73
Tim Sherriff Aged 73Solihull

“Nikki reassured me that with the correct scientific approach to both my training and nutrition programme my targets were possible. I had really lost my confidence in training but Nikki has shown me how to overcome these obstacles and achieve my objectives. Her training is personal and specific to me…she is always friendly and approachable.”

Georgie Lury Aged 18
Georgie Lury Aged 18Solihull

“Life for most of us is so busy that finding an hour to train can be difficult, Ali made sure I got more out of one hour than normally I would get out of double that time – and when time’s a valuable commodity that’s so important.”

Steve Hill Aged 40
Steve Hill Aged 40Solihull

“I couldn’t thank Nikki enough or recommend her highly enough. I’m now looking forward to a long, healthy, active and rewarding retirement.”

Gary Boucher Aged 73
Gary Boucher Aged 73Solihull

“The decision to seek some professional ‘one 2 one’ guidance has benefitted me greatly. Jodie is a great listener I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

Josefin Ostmalm Aged 22
Josefin Ostmalm Aged 22Solihull

“Nikki clearly takes time to learn about the individual needs and aspirations of her clients and then tailors workouts to meet those individual objectives. I am always challenged during each workout and look forward to each session under her guidance.”

Cheryl Green Aged 54
Cheryl Green Aged 54Solihull

“As a full-time business woman there can be days when I get to the gym and my mind and body are elsewhere. It’s reassuring to know that Jodie is on hand to take care of everything and helps re-direct my energy to where it needs to be!”

Natalie Trindle Aged 42
Natalie Trindle Aged 42Solihull

“I couldn’t recommend Ali highly enough. Training is not just about training; it’s about how you live. He doesn’t lose sight of that.”

Rob Kelly Aged 52
Rob Kelly Aged 52Solihull

“I always thought that personal training was just for body builders or people training for competitions or marathons – but training with Steve I soon learnt that Personal Training has its place for even the most regular gym user… I absolute love the motivation and knowledge that Steve passes on to me on a week to week basis.”

James Elliot Aged 30Solihull

“Steve’s knowledge is second to none on all aspects of training, nutrition and rehabilitation, he has given me recipes and nutritional advice that I use on a daily basis, which has seen me lose over a stone in weight.”

Neil Lovell Aged 40Solihull

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